Midbrain Is A Term Which Has Main Objective To Balance Right –Left Brain .The Midbrain Is A Portion Of The central Nervous System Associated With Vision ,Hearing ,Motor Control ,Sleep /Wake, Alertness ,And Temperature Regulations .
There Are Three Sessions In The Workshop.
Brain Gym Exercise
Fun Time
Music Therapy
Better School Result
Better Memory
Better Concentration and Focus
More Creative Mind
Better Learning Capability
More Confidence and Mental Stability
Super Photographic Memory
Outstanding Learning Capability
Amazing Imaging Skill
Elevated Self Esteem
Exceptional Creativity
Acute Observation
Increase Concentration
Speed Reading and Super Listening
Enhanced Intuition
High Speed Data Processing Skill
There Is Not Any Disadvantage Of Midbrain Activation.
There Is 100% Result Guarantee Of This Course.
There Are 6 To 15 Years Kids Eligible For This Course.
Yes Memory Power Is Increase But Exercise Is Necessary.
Only Cursive Handwriting
It Teaches Howto Identify the Letters and Alphabet S
It Helps in Understanding the Language Better
It Improves the Communications Skills
It Enhances the Memorizing Ability
It Increase the Ability to Express Thoughts
It Adds Value to What Has Been Written
It Imbibes Self Confidence and Self Reliance
It Incorporates Creative Thinking Skills.
In Simple Language It Is A Cutting Edge Technology That Extract Vital Information Found On Fingerprint , Which Will Than Be Translated In To Characteristics And Advice For The Benefit Of The Individuals. DMIT Is A Result Of Research By Scientist And Experts. The DMIT Is Based On Knowledge Of Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Neuroscience, Psychology Etc.
Take A Fingerprint An Analysis That And Generate The Report And Counseling The Report To Parents .
It Helps To Understand A Persons Psychology/Nature.
To Know Your Child ‘Learning Pattern and Be A Guiding Factor for Improvement
Helps To Make One Aware Of His Strength and Weakness
It Becoming a Guiding Factor for Undergraduate Course and Career Selection
Helps In Knowing Ones Inborn Capabilities Which Would Be Helpful In Future Building
Dmit Helps to Know the Balance between Left and Right brain
No There Is No Any disadvantage Of This Course
After 5 Year There Is Complete Shape Of The Fingerprints.