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Welcome to Kids Brain Power - Where Curiosity Meets Brilliance

Our Evolution - From Spark to Brilliance

In 2015, Kids Brain Power ignited its journey as a brand dedicated to unlocking the innate potential within every child. Just as a spark initiates a flame, we started our mission to nurture young minds and awaken their brilliance.

The Genesis of Learning (2015-2017)

Our journey began with Mid Brain Activation, a program designed by Kids Brain Power to unveil latent cognitive abilities. Like a key in a lock, this phase enabled young minds to access enhanced memory and cognitive faculties.

Expanding Horizons (2018-2022)

Our reach expanded across borders, introducing groundbreaking courses such as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Photographic Memory, Quantum Speed Reading, and Vedic Maths under the Kids Brain Power banner. These courses provided scientific tools to enhance perception, recall, learning speed, and mathematical acumen.

Our Courses - Nurturing Brilliance

🧠 Mid Brain Activation:

Enhance memory and cognition through scientifically designed exercises by Kids Brain Power.

🌌 Extra Sensory Perception (ESP):

Develop heightened sensory awareness through structured training by Kids Brain Power.

πŸ“· Photographic Memory:

Learn memory techniques based on cognitive science for efficient recall, taught by Kids Brain Power.

πŸ“š Quantum Speed Reading:

Master strategies to accelerate reading comprehension using cognitive methods, guided by Kids Brain Power.

βž— Vedic Maths:

Gain mathematical proficiency through ancient techniques rooted in cognitive science, brought to you by Kids Brain Power.

Radiance Unveiled (2022-Present)

We harnessed the trilogy of Concentration, Confidence, and Creativity to foster holistic development. These qualities, backed by scientific principles from Kids Brain Power, empower students with sharper focus, self-assuredness, and innovative thinking.

Our Impact - Igniting Brilliance

Schools We've Impacted:

We take pride in our successful collaborations as Kids Brain Power with esteemed institutions, including:

New Leap International School (Modasa)

M.Z Patel English Medium School

Shri Shri Ravishankar English Medium School

Sunrise English Medium School (Chota Udaipur)

Little Millennium School

Rotary English Medium School (Godhra)

Shristi English Medium School

Delhi Public School

These partnerships reflect our commitment as Kids Brain Power to nurturing brilliance in students and revolutionizing their educational experiences.

Join the Journey:

Be a part of our impactful mission by Kids Brain Power to unlock potential and transform education.

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